Dog Cabin


Dog Cabin

  • All our cabins are sat on 80mm legs.
  • They are made from a galvanised steel frame with floor supports.
  • Our cabins are well vented to allow good airflow circulation.
  • The floor is made from 9mm stock board and the sides are made from a thermal composite to keep your dogs warm.
  • The roofs are double lined for insulation. They have an inner layer of polypropylene with a outer layer galvanised sheet to keep the cabins warm and dry. The roof also has a 5mm slope to allow water to run off.
  • The cabins have a small lip at the front to help keep dog bedding in.
  • A wind breaker can be purchased on our Large & Medium Cabins at an additional cost of £20.00.
  • The cabin doors open fully for easy access and cleaning.
  • The cabins are hygienic and maintenance free.
  • We have deliberately not put drain holes in our cabins so that the customer can do this depending on the direction of run on their base.

The cabins are available in:

Small Cabin is 610 x 610 x 457: This cabin is for terriers and other small breeds.
Medium Cabin is 910 x 720 x 810: It comfortably holds 2 Labradors or 2-3 Springers.
Large Cabin is 1200 x 800 x 810:  It comfortably holds 3 Labradors or 3-4 Springers.

If our standard sizes are not what you are looking for, please use the  Contact Form to discuss your requirements.